This variant of panther chameleons emanate from the island Nosy Be. Nosy Be is a offshore island of the northwest of madagascar. There are green and blue colorations, which have more or less red parts. Depending on the simulated season and pairing willingness, the colors are matt or very intensive.

On the following pictures, you will see the color evaluation of two different males:







Often people are discussing vehemently about a male is blue, turquoise or green. Frequently a male that is initially green can show blue colors afterwards and obversely. Many other breeders confirm this experience. For visualization, please see the pictures below. They show the same male in different colorations. The colorations are depending on the mood, the age, the pairing willingness and the husbandry of the respective chameleon. Mostly, the adult males in turn hold their resplendence coloration...