Since January 2007 we changed the husbandry of the parsoniis. We fastened a liana-construction at the ceiling of our chameleon room. With this construction, the animals can use a much larger terrain. This construction is connected with every terrarium. Therefore, they have the opportunity to change the terrariums (picture right). The humidity in the room is approx. 80-90%. Therefore we don’t think that the chameleons will get any problems with dry air.

This kind of husbandry offers the chameleons to decide their own either to keep company with another one or avoid any contact. The problem with a stressed female, which is often in a pairing husbandry, is obviated. She can distance herself from him and go out of his vision field. It remains to be seen if this husbandry is good or not. Till now, the parsoniis have gotten more active as in usual husbandry (although the terrariums were well dimensioned).